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R6300s pings and jitter

August 29, 2013

So it’s been quite a while since the last post! Sorry about that – let me explain why.

After proving to myself (and perhaps more importantly Prof. Wifi!) that the new antenna array worked I turned my attention towards measuring the ping, jitter and throughput of both the microchip device Seb and his team are currently using, and also the WICED boards that Broadcom have supplied for the project.

The latter part of last week was spent trying to write some software to do these tests for me (specifically had trouble finding software that could do jitter) only to realise on Tuesday that iperf could do jitter all along. Yesterday I finally got round to sitting down with the R6300s to do the measurements only to find that for whatever reason I couldn’t get the WICED boards (and often-times my laptop!) to connect to them properly.

So, there it is – quite a frustrating week, but then I guess that’s how it goes with research sometimes. Anyway, in more positive news I have now received a demo board which has the same Wifi chip as is used on the X-OSC which will hopefully allow me to do a direct comparison of the two devices as it will allow me to put iperf onto the microchip board.

The Microchip Demo board – Basiclly just a PIC32 connected up to the Wifi module with a load of IO ports. Although, it’d really help if microchip put a USB port on for porgramming!

Anyway, that brings you band up to date with progress. Hopefully I’ll get the R6300 back on my side today and get some results!


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