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Getting Results

September 2, 2013

Soo, after a lengthy battle with the R6300s last week (I ended up having to switch to a different unit because one of them was definitely acting up) I finally managed to get the results I wanted on Friday.

I’m quite pleased with them, as I think they probably line up with more or less what was expected. One interesting piece of information I did discover that we didn’t previously realise was that the current generation of WICED boards only operate in the 2.4GHz band – so we weren’t able to take measurements in the 5GHz band as originally planned.

This is a shame, as the 5GHz band tends to have less interference than the 2.4GHz band (as fewer devices use it).

Having gotten the basic bench-mark tests for the WICED boards both in the ideal environment of the anechoic chamber and the more challenging environment of the lab It’s time to start playing with TX-Ops. I want to do either a more detailed blog post or a video about what TX-Ops are and how they fit into the wider storey about how wifi works, but to simplify what they allow us to do is adjust how long a device connected to an access point is allowed to transmit before another device can take its turn. By adjusting this we can effectively prioritise traffic from one source.

That brings you band up to date with the project. Last week was quite hectic and difficult (as you could probably tell from my last post!) so I’m hoping for this week to go a little smoother and then maybe I’ll have a little time to do a video all about wifi.


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