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Progress update

September 12, 2013

It’s been a bit of a while since my last post, so I thought it was high time I did another post about what I’ve been up to!

First of all last week I had a very productive meeting with Dave and Gordon who work for Broadcom. They were able to give me loads of help with some of the issues I’d been having using the special firmware on the R6300s, but also some good advice about how to get the best out of the WICED boards.

Spurred on my a successful meeting I’ve taken measurements for the maximum throughput rates for the R6300s over a wireless link, and also measuring the impact of alter the “transmit opportunities”. This is the period of time a wireless device is allowed to transmit before it must negotiate for the channel again. Adjusting this may allow us to make the system less susceptibleĀ to having its transmissions interrupted by devices in the audience.

In order to get the amount of anechoic chamber time I need I’ve moved to a different chamber – it’s an older one which the department has which is less often used. It no longer has the equipment required equipment to take antenna measurements, but all I need is it too keep un-wanted wifi signals out and for that it’s fine!

This is the new chamber - usefully it has a removable floor which has  allowed me to run cables out the chamber without keeping the door open.

This is the Queen’s building chamber – usefully it has a removable floor which has allowed me to run cables out the chamber without keeping the door open.

Part of the lack of posts recently has been due to the fact a lot of what I’m doing is taking throughput measurements and putting them in a spreadsheet – not very photogenic! Still, I’m currently planning how I’m going to do a final demonstration of all the different methods I’ve been looking at in terms of making wifi more robust, so watch this space.

If anyone is coming to the UOB open day on Saturday (14th September) I will be doing some talks on the project and also about being an electronic engineering student at Bristol. I’m hoping I’ll get some video of these so I can put them up on the internet for people to see!

That’s it for now, hopefully will post again soon this time…



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