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An exciting graph! (or I think so…)

September 17, 2013
An exciting graph

The graph shows the throughput of the wireless link before, while and after the interferer is running.

Ok, so it may not look that exciting but when I saw this plot for the first time it resulted in a very small dance around the office. Only a small one mind you…

The point is that it demonstrates that I now have the ability to subject my test wireless link the severe levels of interference – vital if I’m going to work out if the strategies I’ve come up with for making the glove link more reliable will actually make a difference in a high interference environment. The test setup basically works like this – in the anechoic chamber I’ve set up three routers and a WICED board. Two of the routers are set up as a pair to represent the link between the gloves and the access point. The third access point and the WICED board are working together to act as an interferer. I have set them on a particularly in-efficient “MCS mode”, which basically means that they use a lot of air time to transmit a small amount of data. This means I can very easily load the link to full capacity (about 4.6 Mbit/s).

Because I have forced both links to use the same channel they will substantially interfere with each other. The graph above shows the throughput of the test wireless link. You can see that before I turn on the interferer it is able to do in the region of 45Mbit/s. All of a sudden the data rate drops when I turn on the interferer the data rate reduces dramatically to 5Mbit/s. The aim now is to make this dip less noticeable, or ideally eradicate it altogether.


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