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We’ve all had times when our wifi on our laptop or phone drops out. Normally it’s not a problem, because it comes back pretty quickly, and what we were doing can wait for the few seconds while it sorts itself out.

However, what if you didn’t have the luxury  of being able to wait for the wifi to recover? This is the problem this project is going to look at, specifically in the context of Imogen Heap’s musical gloves. Imogen really can’t afford for the wifi connecting her gloves to the computer to drop out!

Musical glove

A picture from Imogen’s website showing off the musical gloves; the large blue board on the left is the board which handles all the wifi.

In my summer project with the University of Bristol I’ll be working with the team who are developing the musical gloves to try and make the wifi link as robust and reliable as possible for them. This is a real challenge, because in a real life performance situation the wifi link must also be able to cope with interference from an audience with hundreds of wifi enabled phones in their pockets!

There are lots of things that can be done to sort this out however – from using better antennas to carefully tweaking the exact parameters used by the access point and exploring different wifi hardware. This blog will document the project as I go through all of the steps of trying to crack the problem.

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